Idea behind Stuffwrap

About an year ago, while cleaning my room I noticed that a lot of books and other stuff are un-used  which would be helpful to others. I think about how could I get the right person who need those books and stuff and make the most of it.
So I came with an idea that we need a platform where I list those things and the person contact me to avail this opportunity. We start research on this and we realize that how can we provide the reliability between them. We believe that friend to friend and within social circle would be the best way to interact. Then we came with original idea of Stuffwrap where you can list all your stuff which are own by you then further you can sell or swap them with stuff you need actually wish to have.

Why use Stuffwrap?

When we were cleaning house, We found that there was a lot of stuff we didn’t require anymore, but couldn’t bear to throw away because we were sure someone could find it useful. Listing my DDR2 RAM on Ebay just wasn’t going to work and who wants to answer dozens of phone calls, bogus inquiries ?

Finally, I listed my DDR2 Ram on Stuffwrap & found real inquiries from my social circle . and at last we both WON . social product! everywhere and anywhere.

Stuffwrap is a platform where you turn your wishes to have with the social networking where you don’t miss your friends and the other people on the network. List your amazing product and wish what you want in future. You can also swap or sale your stuff among your friends. Share your thoughts about new stuff.

– Add stuff what you have and what you wish.
– Swap and Sale what you have in your stuff.
– You can add friends from your friends circle by whom you can sale or swap stuff.
– You can use messaging system for bartering stuff .
– You can wish your friend’s stuff.
– You can also make an offer on stuff by your friend as well on what they have.

We provide solution for:

– There is a lot of stuff lying around that people don’t use
– No awareness of what people have that is lying unused
– Selling it in the market requires time and effort and you lose money in the process
– Selling, Swap or Buying stuff from friends get more comfort for exchanging their stuff