Why people prefer Great over Good


Yesterday, when we had a full night party and cricket match at Dream Word Resort, Karachi. We start discussing about why people pay more to brand for same stuff. Also why any hotels or restaurants charge more money to serve same food which was served by some local hotel or Dhabas. 

We can take this example to our daily life traveling, we can use Mehran car for moving here and there. But we prefer Honda Civic over Mehran because of it luxury, comfort, reliable. What is the main motive to use car? Both can provide us the facility to travel, true. Actually its about our feeling and caring if we want our tour more comfort and luxury we prefer Honda Civic this will also provide us positive gesture.

So, in case of restaurants our motive is eating food and get rid of hunger. Both Dhaba or Five star restaurant provide us food that we can eat.  First I believe that any expensive and superior hotel are charge for their brand then for their superior management, environment and location. If we prefer those thing they could charge easily how much they want because at that moment we did not care about money we care about how they facilitate us. Its more about timing and well mannered behaviour.


So in short if we have meeting or something else it is on us that what gesture we are given to other persons by providing experience of Good or Great.

Good Is the Enemy of Great – Jim Collins