Meetup and Sessions at Nest I/O Karachi

There would be a lot of questions in your mind about what Nest I/O is?

Let me explain it briefly, Nest I/O is an incubation center, which runs under the experienced management of P@sha. A place where you get Free Office space, Internet Connectivity, Mentoring, etc.

The next question would be that how I can avail this wonderful opportunity? The answer is that you have to submit your product idea by filling a simple form here Nest I/O.

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Let me now share my experience with you. While attending the first session which was about “From Idea to Entrepreneurial Reality by Kulsoom Lakhani“. It gave an inspiration and motivation on how to think about your new born product and why someone would take interest in your product.

This meetup session covered two main topics.

1. Why your are doing what you want to do. For this you can dive deeply in this topic by reading the book Start with why? and if you just want to take an overview watch this video.

2. How the lean startup methodology works. Also described in Lean Startup by Eric Ries.


I also attended a session on “Freelancing”, (really not my area). But for the sake of curiosity, to know how the online market works, I attended it and it was really awesome. It showed how easy is to get started working as a Freelancer on Elance or ODesk. This session was delivered by Saad Hamid and Salma Jafri. They described the recipe for how to become a favorable freelancer by thinking as an employer and what the employer would get from you in X amount. Also on how to find the common ground to speak up with your employer.

Salma Jafri also shared about her course about freelancing at Udemy.


Hope you understood what Nest I/O is and have gained some valuable information from my experience.

Feel free to share your comments. Thanks!