What is our body worth?

No price can be put on a life. But whether we like it or not, once a person has died, there is value to the human body as a commodity. And different parts of our body are worth different amounts—while corneas are small, they fetch a large price (£15,000, or about $22,450), whereas our skeleton garners significantly less (£5,000, about $7,483). The price also depends on whether the body part is sold for specimen use, transplants, or on the black market

How Much Is The Human Body Worth?

Ref: iflscience.com


Meetup and Sessions at Nest I/O Karachi

There would be a lot of questions in your mind about what Nest I/O is?

Let me explain it briefly, Nest I/O is an incubation center, which runs under the experienced management of P@sha. A place where you get Free Office space, Internet Connectivity, Mentoring, etc.

The next question would be that how I can avail this wonderful opportunity? The answer is that you have to submit your product idea by filling a simple form here Nest I/O.

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Let me now share my experience with you. While attending the first session which was about “From Idea to Entrepreneurial Reality by Kulsoom Lakhani“. It gave an inspiration and motivation on how to think about your new born product and why someone would take interest in your product.

This meetup session covered two main topics.

1. Why your are doing what you want to do. For this you can dive deeply in this topic by reading the book Start with why? and if you just want to take an overview watch this video.

2. How the lean startup methodology works. Also described in Lean Startup by Eric Ries.


I also attended a session on “Freelancing”, (really not my area). But for the sake of curiosity, to know how the online market works, I attended it and it was really awesome. It showed how easy is to get started working as a Freelancer on Elance or ODesk. This session was delivered by Saad Hamid and Salma Jafri. They described the recipe for how to become a favorable freelancer by thinking as an employer and what the employer would get from you in X amount. Also on how to find the common ground to speak up with your employer.

Salma Jafri also shared about her course about freelancing at Udemy.


Hope you understood what Nest I/O is and have gained some valuable information from my experience.

Feel free to share your comments. Thanks!


Why people prefer Great over Good


Yesterday, when we had a full night party and cricket match at Dream Word Resort, Karachi. We start discussing about why people pay more to brand for same stuff. Also why any hotels or restaurants charge more money to serve same food which was served by some local hotel or Dhabas. 

We can take this example to our daily life traveling, we can use Mehran car for moving here and there. But we prefer Honda Civic over Mehran because of it luxury, comfort, reliable. What is the main motive to use car? Both can provide us the facility to travel, true. Actually its about our feeling and caring if we want our tour more comfort and luxury we prefer Honda Civic this will also provide us positive gesture.

So, in case of restaurants our motive is eating food and get rid of hunger. Both Dhaba or Five star restaurant provide us food that we can eat.  First I believe that any expensive and superior hotel are charge for their brand then for their superior management, environment and location. If we prefer those thing they could charge easily how much they want because at that moment we did not care about money we care about how they facilitate us. Its more about timing and well mannered behaviour.


So in short if we have meeting or something else it is on us that what gesture we are given to other persons by providing experience of Good or Great.

Good Is the Enemy of Great – Jim Collins

Think before building a product

One day when I came early at Office, I am thinking about some key features for why we build a product for people who cares. These are some key points which I get through learning, experiences and reading time to time.

  1. Why we build a product?
  2. How we build a product? (includes what we want from user and what users aspect by using our product)
  3. First of all care about users who actually uses our product. We are not here for use our own product.
  4. Don’t suppose anything. Be real.
  5. People don’t know what they want until you show them that you have something that will really care about.
  6. Focus, Focus and Focus on a product at a time.
  7. Do your best once you make your mind to do so like now one can better do it like you.
  8. Its not done until it ship.
  9. Its not just an idea that come and we start work.
  10. Tell truth who are with you on a team about what they are doing are good or bad even on the face of engineer. (brutally true to each other)
  11. Solve problem with simplicity without thinking of how much our effort is use to simplify it. (Its not just only DONE)
  12. For example if your product is some sort of web application and user have to wait 3 extra second for loading page and we can solve this issue by some new development then do that otherwise it sucks! we are wasting its time.
  13. Think about long term if we working of step 1 then we must already have two or more plan for next step after shipping step 1.
  14. Ship before what people want, be optimistic.
  15. Use minimum steps to get your goal from user.
  16. Take responsibility from start to end of product and own it.
  17. Thinks innovative ways from Packaging, Shipment, delivering, selling, sign up means take care of each and every step that user perform and need to do. User will surely instantly share this with their circle about how awesome it is. It would be done by only doing best like no one can do it in the world.
  18. Do not provide people with multiple and unlimited options because people only want simplicity.
  19. Take bold and calculated risk on new of doing stuff.
  20. More I research and read about ideas I come to know that ideas are nothing. If you do a simple daily task in better and innovative way. Peoples will adopt and care about this.
  21. Team building is one of the most major and difficult task.
  22. As an entrepreneur only making a startup or product is not a goal building companies which will keep lasting like Apple, Google, Microsoft and Facebook. These are one of the main task to be done.

Think before customer

Idea behind Stuffwrap

About an year ago, while cleaning my room I noticed that a lot of books and other stuff are un-used  which would be helpful to others. I think about how could I get the right person who need those books and stuff and make the most of it.
So I came with an idea that we need a platform where I list those things and the person contact me to avail this opportunity. We start research on this and we realize that how can we provide the reliability between them. We believe that friend to friend and within social circle would be the best way to interact. Then we came with original idea of Stuffwrap where you can list all your stuff which are own by you then further you can sell or swap them with stuff you need actually wish to have.

Why use Stuffwrap?

When we were cleaning house, We found that there was a lot of stuff we didn’t require anymore, but couldn’t bear to throw away because we were sure someone could find it useful. Listing my DDR2 RAM on Ebay just wasn’t going to work and who wants to answer dozens of phone calls, bogus inquiries ?

Finally, I listed my DDR2 Ram on Stuffwrap & found real inquiries from my social circle . and at last we both WON .


For Our Startup one of these we must use

How can you make startup life a little easier? There’s usually a software or free resource online to help you out. Let us know if we’re missing anything from this list.

Website and Design

  1. WordPress – This is number one for flexibility with building your startup website or company blog. Easy to use, awesome SEO plugins, and wonderful designs.
  2. Themeforest.net — And the rest of the envato sister sites, including graphicriver.net, codecanyon.net, for wordpress themes.
  3. 99designs — For design help.
  4. Dafont.com — Free fonts.
  5. FontZone — More free fonts.
  6. Logotournament  — Need to outsource your logo? We’ve see a few friends receive nice logos from this site.
  7. Adobe Creative Cloud – If you’re learning design, but don’t have the money for all of that software, Adobe creative cloud offers an affordable monthly subscription for you.


  1. FreshBooks – Accounting online.
  2. Xero Accounting — Accounting online.
  3. Free Agent – Accounting online.


  1. Visual.ly — Tell stories with data.
  2. Piktochart — Making pictures out of info.
  3. Infogram –  Another great tool for infographics.

Photo and Video Tools

  1. PICFONT — Basic photo editing
  2. PicMonkey — Photo editing, collages, and more.
  3. sizzlepig – Photo editing.
  4. Pow Toon — Make a cool little graphic video for very inexpensive.

Social Media Tools

  1. HootSuite – This will help you schedule posts and manage social media accounts.
  2. Sprout Social– For a monthly fee, you can see more in depth who’s talking about your company. The reporting tool is awesome and we highly recommend it.

SEO Tools

  1. SEOMOZ – For measuring your search results.
  2. Universal Business Listing – For getting local SEO listings across 100′s of sites.
  3. Google Keyword Tool — See what words others are searching for.
  4. Google Trends – Great for researching search trends by location and over time.
  5. Google Analytics  — Measure traffic to your website.

Email Marketing

  1. MailChimp — Free email marketing.
  2. aWeber — Another great email marketing tool.

Management & Other

  1. Basecamp – You must have basecamp. You can collaborate on docs, upload work, etc. They just launched their mobile app too.
  2. FreeConference – Free conference calls.
  3. Survey Monkey — Great for recording info, taking surveys.
  4. AdRoll – Good for ads online.
  5. Michigan Made: Quotegine– Branded software for creating quotes for clients. If your startup uses quotes this tool will save you time.
  6. Michigan Made: We Clock Best — A Michigan made software for clocking time.
  7. Live Plan — For creating your business plan.

Photo via Piktochart.

Stuffwrap.com: social product! everywhere and anywhere.

Stuffwrap is a platform where you turn your wishes to have with the social networking where you don’t miss your friends and the other people on the network. List your amazing product and wish what you want in future. You can also swap or sale your stuff among your friends. Share your thoughts about new stuff.

– Add stuff what you have and what you wish.
– Swap and Sale what you have in your stuff.
– You can add friends from your friends circle by whom you can sale or swap stuff.
– You can use messaging system for bartering stuff .
– You can wish your friend’s stuff.
– You can also make an offer on stuff by your friend as well on what they have.

We provide solution for:

– There is a lot of stuff lying around that people don’t use
– No awareness of what people have that is lying unused
– Selling it in the market requires time and effort and you lose money in the process
– Selling, Swap or Buying stuff from friends get more comfort for exchanging their stuff

Email Scam

Justin Hawarah

If you have received the following email from the sender. Beware of the sender this is a scam email. It is highly recommended not share your identity with the sender.

from:  Justin Hawarah <jhawarah@campusoutreach.org>
date:  Thu, Jun 6, 2013 at 6:41 PM
subject:  Re: Assistance


Wishing you a happy new year! I was asked to contact you on behalf of my employer who needs to setup a donation fund ($2M) urgently. You are advised to reach her directly at her email address;

PRIVATE EMAIL: abady44@rogers.com

Abraham Justin Hawarah

Keep your goals to yourself

What the above heading tells?? Think about your personal goal. Imagine what you want to do with yourself. Think about some goal which you want to complete in future. If you tell someone your goal then they congratulate to you says “Wow that amazing what you want to do” and so many bla bla…

In that way we think that we actually did that and naturally we think we step one more step closer to our goal. If our goal acknowledged by other our mind thinks its real :).

Repeated psychology tests have proven that telling someone your goal makes it less likely to happen. (Derek Sivers)

In that way, if we tells other something about our goal we did not try at our best as other already knows about our goal. On the other hand, we put our 100% enery to get our goal if it is being secret to other.

Try it with yourself you will perfectly accepted that :D.

Have a good journey to acheive your goals!