Adobe Edge Preview (Boom for HTML5 Canvas)

As nowadays, html5 is rapid for development on various platform for his uniqueness and support on different devices like Android, iPhone, iPad, Tablet and various browsers. Here is ad0be edge preview for helping HTML5. Its just like Flash environment.

Edge is an intuitive tool for creating motion content that runs beautifully on mobile devices and desktop browsers. It features an easy to use interface, with a properties-based timeline for impeccable accuracy and control. Create new compositions, import and animate existing web graphics, or add motion to existing HTML files without compromising integrity.

Features Introduced in Edge Preview 4 (1/19/12)

We are very pleased to introduce significant updates in this release. Preview 4 adds Symbols, the ability to create reusable objects that animate and interact independently of the main composition. Other key additions are support for web font services, and Element Display, which lets you manage how long elements are displayed on the stage.


  • Create nested animations with independent timelines and interactive capabilities.
  • Programmatically control symbols via exposed APIs and pre-built code snippets.
  • Edit symbol definitions in the same manner as working with other objects.
  • Specify whether or not a symbol should autoplay or not.
  • Control playback functionality at the playhead location, such as play or stop commands.
  • Scrub or play the timeline to scrub symbols, which will follow symbol commands and autoplay definitions.
  • Easily access symbol definitions and instances in the new Library Panel.

Web Fonts

  • Add richer typography to your compositions by integrating a web font service. Edge supports services like FontSquirrel, Google Web Fonts, Typekit, and more.
  • Access newly added fonts from the list of available fonts.
  • Define a font fallback list for users who don’t have the font in your composition.

Element Display

  • Control how long an element is displayed, so they only appear when needed. By default, elements are always on, even if they’re off the stage. They can be configured to be “off” (equivalent to display=”none”), removing them from the HTML rendering tree and reducing resources.


  • A common version of WebKit for Mac and Windows provides a more consistent stage experience across platforms and improves performance.
  • In-app playback performance has been improved, especially on Windows.
  • Various bug fixes.




Adobe Creative Suite 5.5 on April 11, 2011

Yes, instead of CS6 Adobe introduces short term update knows as CS5.5 expected on April 11, 2011. Including the following update:

  • CSS3/HTML5 support
  • jQuery Mobile integration
  • Native Android and iOS apps with PhoneGap
  • Adobe BrowserLab integration

  • Resizable applications and components
  • Enhanced timelines and animations
  • Common Library panel
  • Custom skinnable components

Flash Professional Flash Professional CS5.5

  • Efficient workflows for mobile development
  • Content scaling when resizing stage
  • Enhanced layer control
  • Symbol rasterization and better performance

Flash Builder 4.5 Premium Flash Builder® 4.5 Premium Edition

  • Rich expressive experiences
  • Mobile apps for Android, iOS, and BlackBerry
  • More productivity, more power
  • New integrated PHP tooling support: Benefit from an optimized Flex/PHP development experience using the integrated copy of Zend Studio 8 software included in Flash Builder 4.5 for PHP.

Acrobat Pro Acrobat® X Pro Device Central Device Central CS5.5

Skype Update: Now Has Multitasking

As many of you know, Skype is a free VoIP service that allows you to make cheap international calls (computer to phone), and free text, video, and voice calls from computer to computer. Skype came out with an update in May to allow iPhone users to make calls via their 3G connection.

Now, it’s come out with another update that supports multitasking — the long awaited update!  Not only has it updated the multitasking, but also it’s taking advantage of the iPhone 4’s Retina Display, which makes it look a lot cleaner.

Personally, I’m really excited for the multitasking.  The only mic that I have is for my iPod touch because I can’t afford a mic for my computer.  When I want to make a Skype call, it always seems like I want to check my email, go on Facebook, etc.  And with the multitasking capability, I can.  Also, even when your iPhone/iPod touch is locked, you can still receive calls, and talk in one.