Think before building a product

One day when I came early at Office, I am thinking about some key features for why we build a product for people who cares. These are some key points which I get through learning, experiences and reading time to time.

  1. Why we build a product?
  2. How we build a product? (includes what we want from user and what users aspect by using our product)
  3. First of all care about users who actually uses our product. We are not here for use our own product.
  4. Don’t suppose anything. Be real.
  5. People don’t know what they want until you show them that you have something that will really care about.
  6. Focus, Focus and Focus on a product at a time.
  7. Do your best once you make your mind to do so like now one can better do it like you.
  8. Its not done until it ship.
  9. Its not just an idea that come and we start work.
  10. Tell truth who are with you on a team about what they are doing are good or bad even on the face of engineer. (brutally true to each other)
  11. Solve problem with simplicity without thinking of how much our effort is use to simplify it. (Its not just only DONE)
  12. For example if your product is some sort of web application and user have to wait 3 extra second for loading page and we can solve this issue by some new development then do that otherwise it sucks! we are wasting its time.
  13. Think about long term if we working of step 1 then we must already have two or more plan for next step after shipping step 1.
  14. Ship before what people want, be optimistic.
  15. Use minimum steps to get your goal from user.
  16. Take responsibility from start to end of product and own it.
  17. Thinks innovative ways from Packaging, Shipment, delivering, selling, sign up means take care of each and every step that user perform and need to do. User will surely instantly share this with their circle about how awesome it is. It would be done by only doing best like no one can do it in the world.
  18. Do not provide people with multiple and unlimited options because people only want simplicity.
  19. Take bold and calculated risk on new of doing stuff.
  20. More I research and read about ideas I come to know that ideas are nothing. If you do a simple daily task in better and innovative way. Peoples will adopt and care about this.
  21. Team building is one of the most major and difficult task.
  22. As an entrepreneur only making a startup or product is not a goal building companies which will keep lasting like Apple, Google, Microsoft and Facebook. These are one of the main task to be done.

Think before customer


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