Keep your goals to yourself

What the above heading tells?? Think about your personal goal. Imagine what you want to do with yourself. Think about some goal which you want to complete in future. If you tell someone your goal then they congratulate to you says “Wow that amazing what you want to do” and so many bla bla…

In that way we think that we actually did that and naturally we think we step one more step closer to our goal. If our goal acknowledged by other our mind thinks its real :).

Repeated psychology tests have proven that telling someone your goal makes it less likely to happen. (Derek Sivers)

In that way, if we tells other something about our goal we did not try at our best as other already knows about our goal. On the other hand, we put our 100% enery to get our goal if it is being secret to other.

Try it with yourself you will perfectly accepted that :D.

Have a good journey to acheive your goals!


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