More you go More you get…

I have met several people who work on their unique and awesome ideas but they step back from their ideas due to short of time or some other reasons like Job, Career Opportunity infact Freelancing :).  But I think these are lame excuse which we give to others. The main reason is all about priorities.

The more you focus on what you develop or working on you get more inspired by your work what you did by yourself without commanding from other people.First of all motivate yourself to do that is for fun or you did it for yourself for your career.  These are hard days to do work for without money but once you acheive your target or we can say goal, you are proud for your work.

The idea is something that is unique for attract people but not the final one. As we go forward we see different interesting infact amazing things can be generate through that and that turns to be different according to the environment.

In last not least don’t stop working what you work but do more effort to get it done.


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