Mobile Wallet (Final Year Project)

The Mobile Wallet and Banking Platform provides a foundation for Mobile Operators, Banking, and Mobile Commerce Vendors to rapidly develop and launch customized services to mobile subscribers.

This platform provides the following core features and functionality:

  • Mobile Banking, Mobile Wallet, &MobileMoney Transfer Applications
  • Financial Account Association and Subscriber Registration
  • Customer Relationship Management and Operational Support Software
  • Connection toMobileMoney Transfer Networks
  • Connection to Bank Processors and Payment Gateways
  • SMSc/USSD Integration for Messaging and Alerts
  • Transaction Monitoring and Reports

The platform includes a comprehensive suite of development and testing tools that enable financial institutions to expedite delivery of mobile financial services. This flexible platform empowers clients to tailor DonRiver Solutions to their unique requirements, launch new digital channels for interacting with customers, and build new financial products and services leveraging existing systems.

Using one’s handset as a financial tool, or the mobile wallet is an interesting concept which is becoming increasingly popular and integrated across consumer platforms. Not only does it allow users on the move to access financial accounts, but also plays an integral part in the development of digital commerce and banking.

The mobile wallet is proving especially effective in developing countries where desktop access to the Internet and banking opportunities are still a privilege, yet mobile accessibility is extremely high.


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