FYP: Distribution and Tracking System

Nowadays busy with final year project which is on Distribution and Tracking System of Pepsi. The basic idea of this distribution and tracking system is that any company or organization should develop a good and strong working relationship with their sales staff by tracking their locations through which a client or customer can be facilitated.
The fyp is divided into two parts:

  1. Web Application (JSP or PHP with mySQL and JS)
  2. Mobile Application (Android OS and SQL Lite)

Web Application:

It is a role based application to  access various parts of application like check the order, demand, supply, etc. Application used for maintaining a record of go-down when stock added or used for dispatching to any place. It checks and updates records every time when stock status changed due to any of addition of the stock or use of the stock.Web Application regarding all the transaction activities of goods are maintained so any one can check the current status of stock online according to his role.

Mobile Applicaiton:

It is basically depends on salesman to provide data repeatedly and we also get the location of the salesman through GPS. Salesman can demand, sale, check current stock available on vehicle, update client record, daily report and also theft reporting. The basic concept of that application is to minimize the gap between go-down manager and salesman.


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